Vertical menu

Definition: A vertical menu displays a list of navigation links stacked vertically, accessing different sections, pages, or features of an application

When to use

Use the vertical menu to accommodate multiple top-tier categories. It's often used as a primary or secondary navigation system. It allows you to access different sections in a clear and structured menu hierarchy. Here are some scenarios to consider for a vertical menu:


Use when



you have multiple categories or subcategories to navigate

It allows you to effectively organise and display these options.


you have quick access to different features or sections

It allows you to navigate between various tools, settings, or sections without cluttering the main content area.

Mobile applications

you have limited space

It maximizes the use of vertical screen real estate while providing an intuitive and compact navigation structure.

Categorised content

you have multiple sections or features

It helps you to organise the different sections or features of an application into distinct categories.

Multi-level menu

you need hierarchical menu structure with multiple levels of submenus

It accommodates expanding or collapsing submenus, allowing you to navigate through a complex menu structure.